• A professional network for digital specialists
    and an online workplace

The Digital Village is a platform that brings a professional network of digital specialists together to build software and solve businesses technology problems.

Digital Village Explained and questions answered

Pro Network

We are a community that spreads as far as the internet. We are a proffessional network for the Tech Industry.

  • Industry specific news and updates
  • Professional Profiles
  • interest groups and work teams


Create the perfect team of specialists from around the world and collaborate on projects.

  • Collaborate
  • Specialise
  • Connect

20day Projects

Build products using our Agile 20Day development method derived from Lean Startup.

  • Dedicated Product Managers
  • Lean Startup Methodology
  • Iterative dev & validated learning

Hire Specialists

Hire the perfect specialist to join a team, manage projects or consult to your business.

  • On Demand CTO's
  • Day, week and monthly rates
  • Hire an entire team.

Small-Medium Enterprise

Flexible, cost effective, & innovative solutions

We're an SME
& we need...

Start Ups

Collaborative, cost-effective and supportive solutions

We're a Startup
& we need...

Boutique Agencies

Flexible, fast and reliable solutions.

We're a Small Agency
& we need...

run your project through the village

If you have a new product you want to build, we recommend using our 20 Day method.
If you have a running project or business, we recommend hiring what you need.

20 Day Method Hire Specialists

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